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World Coin & Jewelry Exchange

World Coin & Jewelry Exchange has been serving customers in the Sarasota, FL area since 1988. They specialize in buying and selling multiple items including money, gold, jewelry, estates and more. They also offer complete appraisal services. Their services include buying and selling: Coins, Paper money, Gold, Silver, Bullion, Jewelry and more!

Customer reviews:

“WORLD COIN in downtown Sarasota, is always worth the trip.
I have a strange hobby of collecting coins, tokens, and talismans only to give them away later, when the time is right.
With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and an impressive assortment of old and new coins, World Coin always caters to these amusements. Keep up the good work.” – Michael Silverman

“Wonderful people and amazing one of a kind finds!! Beautiful jewelry and Estate items and unique coins! Lots of fun for kids and adults alike! A must visit in Sarasota!!” – Amanda Myers-Ramirez

“Best coin dealer in the area. Fair appraisals, and good deals on coin and jewelry sales. I trust them to be honest and fair. – Leonard Slazinski

1509 Main Street
Sarasota, FL


World Coin & Jewelry Exchange

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Posted On Thu June 07th 2018